Commute Guardian


How Can A Bike Horn Save Lives?

The short answer is machine learning and computer vision. Commute Guardian partnered with Hatch Duo to leverage their technology package of using computer vision to detect early collisions for bikers, and package that concept into a workable solution for mass production. Coming to us at an early stage, we helped talk through UI/UX and came up with a design that would fully address the biker’s needs, while looking ahead for manufacturing and engineering development. The result was a simple but utilitarian design that could be attached at the rear of a bicycle, with full field of vision for dual cameras, LED and Horn features for warning, and a size that works with the proportions of the bicycle.


Industrial Design/UI/UX Guidance


Prevent Accidents

Distracted driving is at an all-time high. Ride equipped with technology that will make every ride a safer one. Commute Guardian situationally alerts drivers with ultra-bright strobes and ultra-loud honks… with plenty of time to take action.


Deter Aggression

Some people were just born on the wrong side of the bed. Commute Guardian automatically video records all crashes and “close calls” so that you have proof of what happened. Get justice… and give people a reason to think before they act.


Make Roads Safer

When you optionally share your ride videos you’re actively making roads safer for the next rider (which could be you). Click here (link coming soon) for an explanation of how your bike light gets smarter every day. And no, we don’t do anything weird with your data.



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