Robin Healthcare

Practice Without Paperwork.

Robin Healthcare came to us at an early stage to help them solve the problem of clinical documentation for doctors. Hatch Duo partnered with Robin to design their first production unit, which led to their next level of scaling as a company. Robin’s Scribe was designed to be an artificial intelligent assistant which helped streamline the clinical documentation process using voice/video so that doctors could focus on their patient instead of notes. It features a camera, rotatable cover for patient privacy, and low powered LEDs for indication of activity. The design takes essences from the Robin bird, while maintaining a clinical friendly look of professionalism.


Industrial Design/Research/CMF/Mechanical Engineering/Rapid Prototyping/DFM Consultation


Doctors are tech savvy and need a device to coincide with the way they exam patients

Doctors are very busy and experience burnout at a high rate.

Time is used inefficiently doing tasks that could be spent focusing on other areas.

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