SOL Republic Relays Sport

Pioneering Wireless Earbuds for Sport. 

How do you keep your motivation music in ear, while breaking a sweat? Sol Republic Relays Wireless was a design solution to that question, during a time when wireless was pioneering the audio space. These unique headphones are designed not only to stay in your ear, but to be sweat and water resistant, for active physical activity.


Industrial Design/Research/CMF/Art Direction/Packaging

Designed @ SOL Republic 2015

3d printing prototypes.jpg


We built a series of designs and rapid prototypes  in order to test out ergonomics, usability, and identify areas for refinement.

Relays Wireless Research Comp.jpg

User Test Research

Through a series of user tests, we determined which designs were best to move forward with, and which were best left at the lab.

SOL_RW_ 5.jpg
CMF strategy_jon.jpg
SOL_RW_ 2.jpg
RSW_Packaging_Front (1).jpg


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