SONOS Play:1


Tiny and Mighty.

Big audio from a compact system with the Sonos PLAY:1. This speaker's custom-tuned drivers and software deliver rich, powerful sound, while wireless streaming lets you enjoy your music in any room of your home. With a seamless wraparound grille and custom designed low profile power plug, the compact and versatile form factor allows the PLAY:1 to be placed anywhere in your home.  The custom-designed AC power plug inserts into the bottom, allowing the cable to exit gracefully. This allows the speaker to be placed anywhere in the home with minimal cable clutter.

The PLAY:1 is also humidity resistant to operate flawlessly in high-humidity environments, such as in a bathroom with a running shower, so you can truly play music in any room in your home. It can also be paired up with the other speakers in the Sonos lineup to provide a better listening experience. 


Industrial Design, DFM Feedback. Contributed to Design @ Y Studios 2012-13

SONOS Play 1.jpg
SONOS_ Play 1_page 3_22AUG14.jpg

CAD Development

We explored the interaction area of the Play : 1, while maintaining the branding/form language relevance in the entire Play Series. While the Play : 1 is a seemingly minimal design, every detail had to be considered, so whether it was the 90 degree custom cable plug, or the rubber feet, no detail was left untouched.

SONOS_ Play 1_page 4_22AUG14.jpg
SONOS_ Play 1_page 5_22AUG14.jpg


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