Hatch Duo exists in business to innovate and influence future human experiences through design. Our mission is to collaborate with the world's most innovative companies, catalyzing new product categories and bringing them to market.

We're your partners, first and foremost. Our deep expertise and proven track record should assure any client, large or small, that each project will be thoughtfully designed and meticulously delivered.

Our Mission

Hatch Duo extends an invitation not just to avail a service, but to embark on a groundbreaking journey in design and engineering, where the future is not just predicted but crafted/designed.

Innovating and influencing future human experiences through design remains Hatch Duo's beacon. As we merge human creativity with AI prowess, we join hands with the globe's forefront companies, not just envisioning but actualizing new product categories.

Our Approach

We're different. Trust us. Hatch Duo is pioneering the future of industrial design and product engineering by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence. We’re not just a design studio; we’re your collaborative partner where human creativity meets AI precision. Together, we’re crafting designs that are visionary, efficient, and attuned to tomorrow’s market needs.

In the vast realm of design, Hatch Duo stands distinct. We're not in for fleeting applause or accolades. Instead, our AI-enhanced processes zero in on products that users will cherish, and that spur your business's growth. Every problem presents a unique equation; we solve it by tailoring plans fitting every client's distinct landscape. As we help you shape your vision (build your nest), our commitment persists as you soar towards realization and beyond.

Our Values

Results-Driven. It's about outcomes, always. With the integration of AI, we refine our process, ensuring that every effort converges toa tangible, valuable result.
Authentic Integrity. Amidst the clamor for the novel, we remain grounded in our authentic selves. Our bond with AI does not dilute but instead accentuates our stand for our beliefs. It's not just about tools—it's about ensuring that Hatch Duo's spirit shines in every endeavor.
Unconventional Vision
. True innovation isn't about reinventing, but about perceiving the familiar differently. With AI's power to analyze vast data sets, we spot the unspotted, thinking what remains unthought by many, ensuring designs that are ground breaking yet resonate with reality.
Efficiency in Time. As Hatch Duo's ethos always maintains: Time is invaluable. Our partnership with AI streamlines our processes, ensuring that decisions are swift, informed, and in tandem with the client's timelines.

Our Services and Capabilities

How We Work: We’re a remote hybrid design team. We have always been hybrid virtual design team, since our inception in 2018(pre-COVID). While we have an on-site studio office for rapid prototyping and collaboration, we believe that a remote/hybrid model gives our clients exponential value by giving them access to global design talent, saving them time and money on travel and transitive overhead fee markup, and allowing Hatch Duo to recruit the best designers who prefer to spend time designing, rather than being stuck in traffic.

At Hatch Duo, we believe that the future of industrial design lies in the seamless integration of human creativity and AI-powered optimization. Our vision is to create a world where designers can focus on what they do best – ideation, iteration, and innovation – while AI takes care of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that can slow down the design process. To achieve this vision, we are constantly exploring new technologies and techniques that can help us stay ahead of the curve. From advanced machine learning algorithms to cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what's possible in industrial design. And with our team of talented designers and engineers, we're confident that we can continue to lead the way in this exciting field.

Industrial Design

Our brand-centric, strategic industrial design process drives innovation, business success, and quality human experiences, all while integrating a keen sense of aesthetics with technological expertise. We can take your napkin sketch idea or your breadboarded prototype to bring it into commercialized form.

Our design process has proven to create beautiful innovative products that elicit emotion and influence the human experience, whether you need concepts or end to end design, we can help you.


Need an MVP or a proof of concept? We can help you. Defining the product through iterative testing, setting up the conceptual architecture that will guide implementation to get the product
into the hands of users to scale the product experience ecosystem.

Our engineers are specialized to work with industrial designers in order to seamlessly integrate feasibility, usability, and aesthetics. As you refine the end-to-end user journey and head to manufacturing, know that your products are designed to function beautifully and skillfully.


We blend design expertise and market insights to produce strong soulful identities and systems that transpires and metamorphosizes culture around the world. We guide companies to align on vital brand elements, expressing the fundamental purpose, values and meaning of brands.


Working closely with founders and teams with various industries and startup stages, we collaborate to bring lasting value to companies to accelerate and help achieve critical business
milestones and bring vision to fruition by integrating our design strategy, technology and implementation expertise.


Our team helps communicate a strong brand identity through innovative and beautiful packaging design to deliver a memorable out of box/bag experience. Our experience in branding ensures that your product emphasizes your brand throughout the customer journey.


Leading new brands, digital intelligence, technologies and interactions to life through focused design that bridges physical and digital experiences. We help you define and optimize digital
interactions for on product, mobile, and desktop interfaces, all while being on brand with stunning aesthetics.

Are You a Start-up?

In addition to our traditional fee-for-services model, we also invest directly in the form of capital or services for qualified startups. We pride ourselves on being a startup for startups and understand the certain limitations that come with building a brand from the ground up. For years, we’ve owned an E-commerce business, and have firsthand experience building/scaling a company from the ground up.

Whether your goal is to establish your brand, ship your first product, or raise a seed round, we are ready and willing to wear many hats as your longtime partners. We frequently evaluate partnership opportunities, and will occasionally invest design as capital directly into your company. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us.

Our Team

Hatch Duo’s team is lead by our two co-founders, Jon and Mike. The core team is a mix of award-winning industrial designers and product design engineers, with a shortlist of specialists that can be assembled on a project need basis. Beyond front end development, we have manufacturing partners that will help you with mass production.

Jonathan Thai
Michael Yim
April Ly
VP of Business Development/Partner
Blake Johnson
Designer Director/Partner
Siri Sakulyong
Associate Creative Director
David Suttie
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Patrick Triato
Senior Industrial Designer
Karen Wang
Industrial Designer
Wiri Cho
Industrial Designer
Joy Tsai
Director of UX/UI Experience
Anthony Lucido
Social Media/Content Manager
Andrew Vergara
Director of Computing


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